Aluminum Presses
4500 Ton Extrusion Press

Alcoa 4500 ton piercer press complete control retro fit.

1500 Ton Aluminum Extrusion Press

Customer: Alexco Machine: 5″, 1500 Ton Sutton Aluminum Extrusion Press Work completed: • New hydraulic manifolds to eliminate hydraulic leaks and valve failures • New, original press control PLC programming, with precise ram feedback and advanced PID feedback loop • New touch screen display replaced extrusion press push buttons and thumb wheel Results: • Significantly reduced extrusion press downtime • Higher quality extrusions • Reduced setup and trai

1675 Ton Aluminum Extrusion Press

Customer: Hydro Aluminum N.A. Machine: 1675 Ton Wean United Aluminum Extrusion Press Work Completed: • Replaced SSI linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs) with Ethernet-based MTS Temposonic • Replaced SoftLogix computer with ControlLogix processor and replaced DHPlus with Ethernet IP • Replaced PLC5 with a Flex I/O rack controlled by the main PLC over Ethernet IP • Replaced older proprietary HMI with FactoryTalk View SE Station • Benefits of finished upg

3000 Ton Aluminum Extrusion Press

Customer: Alcoa Engineered Products – PIMALCO plant Machine: 3000 Ton Sutton Aluminum Extrusion Press Work Completed: • Allen-Bradley PLC2 to ControlLogix upgrade for all press, material handling, die change and billet loading controls. Rockwell Automation RSView32 Operator Interface with touchscreen • Improved energy performance through refined and flexible pump stroke control • Expanded range of closed loop speed control through and enhanced, integrated PID control

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