Industry Experience

Kredit Automation and Controls believes that safety is an important concern. Each of our employees is trained and certified in Electrical Safety, Energized Work Safety, Lockout/Tagout and Arc Flash Awareness.

Aluminium Extrusion Press Control Retrofit

New PLC control systems for extrusion presses and associated handling equipment.

Boiler Control

Power and recovery boiler systems with DCS and PLC controls.

Building Control

PLC control of electrical and HVAC systems and sprinkler systems.

Burner Management

PLC control of burner management systems for power boilers.


PLC control for tension and speed of material.


Sorting, routing and transport conveyor systems for packaging and distribution in the manufacturing and process industries.


PLC control of mixing and blending systems.

Die Cleaning Systems

Design and manufacture die cleaning systems for the aluminum extrusion process.


PLC control of conveyor system and packaging and distribution equipment.

Energy control

Control systems for energy management and monitoring (heat, power, etc.)

Food and Beverage

Control of food processing and packaging, chip sorting with vision systems, soft drink bottle filling, and cold/hot fill of sports drink products, and spinach, bell pepper and citrus fruit sorting/crating.

Foundry and Metals

PLC, drive and servo control of aluminum extrusion presses, stamping presses, cold roll machines, saws, roll forming, welding and packaging, copper plating, and other automated systems.


Lime kiln control with DCS controls and cement processing with PLC controls.

Machine Control

Designing, constructing and startup of machines; and, new and retrofit controls for machines.


PLC control of furniture machines, garage door forming and embossing lines, screw insertion machines, chain link fence winders, paper conversion lines (tissue, paper towel, napkin), and more.

Test Stands and Systems

PLC based systems for engine testing and PVC pipe pressure testing.


Blending and extrusion of plastic piping, remanufacture of beller systems.

Process Control

Chemical processing, food lines, pulp and paper power and recover boiler control, cement mixing and wastewater treatment.


PLC control of slurry distribution for silicon wafer chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP).

Robotics Integration & End of Arm Tooling

Robotic systems and end of arm tooling design and implementation.


PLC, AC drive and servo drive control of paper converting systems.


Control of corrugated box manufacturing systems, packaging and distribution systems for various manufacturing and process industries using PLC and drives.