Operator Safety

Kredit Automation and Controls can assist you with safety compliance by making the hazardous areas around your equipment safe by implementing safety control devices. We will be able to assist you with identifying which option(s) are best for your application.

Safety Controllers

Safety controllers are becoming more standard in many industries. The level of SIL needed for the application can determine what controller can be selected for the machine. Along with the controllers safety input and output cards can also be utilized.

Light Curtains

Safety light curtains are opto-electronic devices that sense the presence of an object such as a limb or finger, in the sensing field and remove power to the equipment to prevent harm to the individual entering the hazardous area. This safety device is ideally used for equipment that needs to be frequently and easily accessed.

Area Sensors

Safety area sensors use the diffuse reflection of the infrared laser light they emit to determine if an individual or object has entered a defined area and sends a stop signal to the equipment being controlled. These scanners are versatile and ideally suited for a wide range of industrial applications.

Safety Mats

Safety mats are pressure-sensitive and are designed to send a shutdown signal to the machine when it is stepped on to protect the safety of the operator. These safety devices are appropriate for areas accessed infrequently or where the hazardous area is rectangular shaped.

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