UL508A Panel Shop

We named our UL 508A industrial control panel shop, “508 SHOP”. With the 508 shop we can build industrial control panels to your specifications or they can be designed and built “in house” to meet your requirements.

With over 25 years experience, our capabilities include building electrical control panels for nearly every industry and manufacturing situation. Producing everything from large panel runs to one-off projects—on schedule and on budget, time after time.

Design Specifications & Requirements

Our industrial control panels are either built per customer supplied specification, or by using our full panel design and engineering service to meet all project requirements. Additionally 508 SHOP develops circuit board design to consolidate functional requirements.

In addition, we can assist with bringing new and older equipment up to UL standards required by many city municipalities. This requires a certified 3rd party UL inspector to come inspect the equipment. KAC and the 508 team with the report will come out and remedy any issues to bring the equipment up to code.

Our knowledgeable team will assist you with:

• NEMA enclosure environmental requirements.
• UL 508A, NFPA 70-79, and NEC 670.3 SCCR
• Expert drawings done in AutoCAD
• Scalability, design for future additions
• Time line and budgets
• Products to be used and/or alternatives
• Placement and location (conduit access)

UL #E358267

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