3000 Ton Aluminum Extrusion Press

Customer: Alcoa Engineered Products – PIMALCO plant

Machine: 3000 Ton Sutton Aluminum Extrusion Press

Work Completed:

• Allen-Bradley PLC2 to ControlLogix upgrade for all press, material handling, die change and billet loading controls. Rockwell Automation RSView32 Operator Interface with touchscreen

• Improved energy performance through refined and flexible pump stroke control

• Expanded range of closed loop speed control through and enhanced, integrated PID control

• Fast, flexible setup with enhanced optional manual operation due to an integrated HMI touchscreen

• Extrusion press operator productivity enhanced and training time reduced through an intuitive, functional, and accessible extrusion press controls

• DeviceNet nodes ensure easily maintained wiring

• Maintenance and calibration complexity reduced by moving some ancillary functions into the PLC and HMI based extrusion press controls, including heater, die slide, scrap aluminum removal, pressure recording and finished part material handling

• New Allen-Bradley ControlLogix platform enables future enterprise integration to the corporate ERP system