Custom DCS to Air Handling Unit Communication Box

Kredit Automation & Controls together with the 508 panel shop, designed and built a custom communication interface box complete with a Kredit Automation & Controls designed circuit board. This box handles all…


4 Axis Wire Winding Machine Controls Retro Fit

The purpose of this retrofit was to offer the opportunity to trouble shoot the machine at the mechanical/electrical interface level. We were able to get to the point of transparency at that level, and improve functionality…


Cooling Tower Controls Installation

Installation of cooling tower instruments and controls. Control Panel built in our UL508A industrial control panel shop. 


4500 Ton Extrusion Press

Alcoa 4500 ton piercer press complete control retro fit.


1500 Ton Aluminum Extrusion Press

Customer: Alexco Machine: 5″, 1500 Ton Sutton Aluminum Extrusion Press Work completed: • New hydraulic manifolds to eliminate hydraulic leaks and valve failures • New, original press control PLC programming, with precise ram…


Sapa Extrusion Press Control System Upgrade

Vertically mounted HMI: Narrow Operator Station allowing for easier visibility on both sides of screen, with a high amount of real estate available on screen.


1675 Ton Aluminum Extrusion Press

Customer: Hydro Aluminum N.A. Machine: 1675 Ton Wean United Aluminum Extrusion Press Work Completed: • Replaced SSI linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs) with Ethernet-based MTS Temposonic • Replaced SoftLogix…


Sump Pump Control Panel

Sump control for cooling section of a large air handling unit used to cool data center modules.


PanelView Upgrade

We recently upgraded a customer’s almost illegible PanelView 600 to a PanelView Plus 1000 compact with a bright color display. The new display is easy to read and operator friendly! This PanelView is connected to a SLC 5/03…


3000 Ton Aluminum Extrusion Press

Customer: Alcoa Engineered Products – PIMALCO plant Machine: 3000 Ton Sutton Aluminum Extrusion Press Work Completed: • Allen-Bradley PLC2 to ControlLogix upgrade for all press, material handling, die change and billet…